Quality Guide Rollers for Conveyor Systems in Echo Bay

Algo Machine Shop has provided over 50 years of quality workmanship for our customers, and we are looking forward to acquiring new customers as we continue to make progress in the diversification of our capabilities. We are encouraged to increase our productivity and offer our customers the most competitive pricing. For more information about our products and services, contact us today.

Our Guide Rollers

We manufacture quality, steel guide rollers to help improve conveyor systems. We currently offer three guide rollers with dust covers and grease fittings: flatguide rollers, half-round guide rollers and guide rollers with an under-cut portion to receive the leading edge of the belt. Our rollers are more durable than products made from alternative materials such as rubber, UHMW, nylons, plastic and polyurethane.

Our products keep the conveyor belt in alignment, securing the belt edge and encapsulating the full movement of the belt. The rollers are available in both soft and hardened steel, and we can customize the product to suit your specifications. OD sizes that are currently available range from 3.375” to 6.0”.

Algo guide rollers are designed to operate in even the harshest of conditions, where other rollers made from materials such as plastic and polyurethane would begin to break down. This deterioration can lead to the exposure of the inner bearing core, which in turn can damage the leading of the belt. Uneven loads can then lead to misalignment that can’t be repaired, requiring a full replacement.

Guide Roller for Centering Conveyor Belts

At Algo Machine Shop, we currently received a Canadian Patent Application. No. 2,765,990, as well as U.S. Patent No.8, 503,713, titled: “Guide Roller for Centering Conveyor Belts”that we currently manufacture at our facility.

Our guide roller’s produce a quality, timely and cost efficient product that could benefit our company and will outlast any other alternative like rubber, UHMW, nylons, plastics and polyurethane. They will more than triple the life of any you can buy from an OEM supplier. With being able to change out the common size bearings, if needed, their up-time is 100%. Greasable with mechanical dust cover and harden roller that make them last in the harshest condition. We manufacture three styles of guide rollers.

The most common guide roller that we make is the under-cut portion in the center that receives the leading edge of the belt only. They keep the conveyor belt in alignment and secure the leading edge of the conveyor belt. They also encapsulate the full movement of the conveyor belt in both lateral and vertical position from the outer leading edge. The guide roller is currently available: from 3.375” to 6.000” diameter.

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